Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Meeting Ever

I used to hate meetings. Almost all of the ones that I attended were wasted time.

Recently, I've been having some pretty good ones. Today, I had an excellent one. Let me describe it:

  • There were only two people involved
  • We had spent several hours thinking about the problem and preparing to discuss
  • We were open to new ideas - the battle of the egos was nonexistent
  • We created a clear set of objectives, and when we achieved them the meeting was done
  • We took good notes and wrote down specific next steps (and who was responsible for them)
For me, point one is the most interesting.

The other four are critically dependent on point one. If we added one more person to the meeting, we would have risked introducing somebody who might have completely changed the dynamic (and the quality of the outcome).

Perhaps it's obvious, but I still see enough bad meetings that it seemed worth mentioning . . . again.