Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ideas that Live and Those that Die

I've been thinking a lot recently about my reasons for blogging.

I spend my entire day with ideas (after all, I am a student), and I've noticed that 99.99% of the ideas that I create have already been created by somebody else. The implication: I am not blogging to flood the world with completely new ideas.

That fact depressed me initially. However, I've realized that it should not.

The most important event in the life or death of an idea is not its birth. In a perfect world, it would be. A great idea would be born and it would grow and spread based on its merit and usefulness. But we do not live in a perfect world. In reality, ideas live and die because people spread them or ignore them. This process is the most important element in the life of an idea, and those with a voice are the gate-keepers who control it.

Each of my blog posts is an addition to that process. Right now, my voice is soft in the crowded world of people who yell about ideas. My voice could grow in strength, or it could remain a whisper. And I'm actually fine with either outcome.

However, I recognize great ideas every day. I even come up with some. Ignoring them would be unjust. This is my way to give them life.

With that in mind, if an idea on this blog is useful or interesting, help me to spread it. If it is not, let me know, then ignore it.

Thanks for reading.