Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Decide Already!

I make a few big decisions every year. Choosing to leave my job to attend business school was a big decision in 2009. Committing to avoid jobs at large corporate companies during my first year in business school so I could pursue entrepreneurship was a big decision this year.

These big decisions require a lot of time, information gathering and thought. I'm comfortable with that type of decision making. The process is thorough. It's analytical. It's informed. It's relatively clear.

Most of the decisions in my life are not that type. It is hard to know how the next book that I choose to read will affect my life. I would never know if 15 minutes writing a blog post or 15 minutes designing my company's beta product is time better spent.

But I do know this: Time spent thinking about which books to read is time spent not reading books. And instead of spending 15 minutes considering the pros and cons of the blog post/product development trade-off, I could just do both.

Sometimes it's best to avoid analysis and just decide.