Monday, March 1, 2010

But What Will Other People Think?

The other day I created something new. It was wild, and it was different. I knew it. And I knew that when I showed it to others, they would reject it. It was too different and too crazy for others to handle. I created it anyway . . . for me.

However, I was doing business, and business must be finished. So I also created another version. It got the job done. It was comfortable and mellow. People were ready for it.

I showed people the safe version first. They liked it. It was professional. It was what would be expected, and they were satisfied with it.

Then I showed the crazy version. Eyes went wide. Jaws dropped. I could feel the silence. I quietly waited for rejection.

It never came. People loved the wild one. All they could tell me was how much better it was than the safe version. "Wow . . . That's what we want!"

We are unpredictable creatures. The truth is that you can't know for certain how a new idea will be received until others hear it with their own ears, touch it with their own hands, or see it with their own eyes.

If you think that you can guess others' reactions, think again. Put your instincts and predictions to the test. You might be surprised.