Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A High Profile Day

One day . . . two big names on campus. . . lots of wisdom. Here are the two pieces of knowledge that really stuck with me.

First, from Hank Paulson - former Secretary of the Treasury.

The prompt: "I think all the MBAs want to know this . . . how do you become CEO of Goldman Sachs and then Secretary of the Treasury?"

The response (approximate):

I always get suspicious when young people come to me and tell me that they've always wanted to do investment banking. They say it like they knew it since they left the womb. You never know what you do well and what you like until you try it. That's why I don't think "career engineers" have it right. Don't plan every step of your career. It just doesn't work.
Second, from Doris K. Christopher - founder and chairman of The Pampered Chef.

The statement, explaining the unparalleled growth of the company and Warren Buffet's reason for purchasing it:

"The Reputation of the company is everything."

Smart people . . . with great big-picture thinking.