Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Types of Marketers

I handed in my first marketing assignment today. Shortly after, I learned that there are two types of successful marketers in the world, and I think that they probably have trouble getting along.

The first type is extraordinarily detail oriented. They analyze problems like crazy. They look for each tiny bit of evidence that may affect an action, and they account for all of the pros and cons of a decision. They weave the evidence together to come up with their recommendations.

The second type is abstract and visionary. They absorb the information and work through the big picture. They see the interplay of forces and constraints, which are difficult to pin down with definite statistics. They intuit their way to a solution and pepper in details to support their recommendations.

The class contains both types. The funny thing is that, even with all the differences in style, I can see the talented ones.

The even funnier thing is that the talented ones come to the same conclusions, even if they use different styles.