Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Uncontrovercial Because It's the Status Quo

It's final exams week here at Chicago Booth. What does that mean? Let me briefly share some thoughts.

  • The majority of students here left medium to high paying jobs where they had significant responsibility and solved important problems
  • There are more than 1100 full time students on campus
  • Collectively, they are spending thousands of hours preparing to solve final exam problems
  • The majority of these problems are either fictitious, have already been solved (often by thousands of students in prior years), or both.
Weird when you think about it like that right?

Now imagine that university programs didn't exist, but you have the bright idea to start one. I'd be willing to bet that you would meet a huge amount of resistance to your idea. How would you convince people that the program worthwhile, given the immense costs that I described? Is it worthwhile?

On a very related note, I will be spending many hours this week preparing to solve fictitious problems. Hence, I will be blogging infrequently (if at all) between now and Friday, March 19th.